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Please leave us a comment or reaction you had from the show! We would love to hear from you.

Audience reactions:

“I have lived here seven years, and this is the hardest I have laughed. Thank you so much, it felt so good to be here.”

“Oh my god! This is sooooo funny!!! Not sure my pelvic floor will hold out the second half!!”

“The laughs came thick & fast – too many to keep count of! You are a talented bunch”

“Oh, what a hilarious evening! You all were absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for a great show! I will definitely be back!!”

“THANK YOU for a wonderfully warped look at life in Sweden! You guys are incredible!”

“I haven’t laughed that hard in months”

“That was therapeutic”

“Every line was spot on”

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One thought on “Guest Book

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    Robin von Post

    Helt genial föreställning igår! En politisk romantisk komedi om hur Martin fick Jeff och Jannica Svensson fick sin Tatjana Putin. Hur lille Zlatan Putin kom till världen.

    Jag blev rörd till tårar av skratt och mitt sällskap behövde massera sina kinder för att få skrattmusklerna att slappna av…